Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update on my Novena to Charles Untz

When so many people are praying for the same cause and to so many different Saints, or saints, as it were, how do you sort out to whose credit a miracle should be attributed?  Regardless of what happens, I just want to say that the news has been promising, and I continue to receive the signs that I asked for.  The signs began as a trickle and now they maintain themselves in a gentle but steady fall.  In the end, they may amount to nothing more than an assurance that my prayers were indeed heard.  That in and of itself will be more than I deserve.


  1. I became aware of Charles Untz by reading your previous post about him. Have been asking him to intercede for me for a particular intention. This morning on the train after I prayed my rosary I asked once again for his assistance. In addition, I asked him to give me a "boy scout" sign if God was going to grant this petition. As soon as I got off the train I was greeted by BOY SCOUTS selling items for a fundraiser!!!!! They were of The Order of the Arrow -- Scouting’s National Honor Society. THANK YOU CHARLES UNTZ. THANK YOU JOYCE.

  2. Oh, Tina, you made my day with this post. I am going to continue to do what I can to help advance his cause. God Bless you!


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