Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Come to This

Home salons may not offer you a robe like this one, but they're still a great option
This is probably a post only the women can relate to because it has to do with hair.  I would never knowingly go to a doctor who performed abortions in order to receive routine health care, and I've decided that nor should I knowingly patronize a hair stylist who makes no secret of his/her sex-same union.  Thinking I had found a wonderful new stylist, my heart sank into my stomach when, at my most recent visit,  the owner of the salon flaunted his newborn son for everyone to see.   Mind you, he mentioned more than once as he passed the baby around like a puppy that he is proud of the fact that his son has two daddies.  I don't think a person should be denied the opportunity to earn a living because of sexual orientation, but I choose not to be part of the charade by knowingly sitting there and smiling as though the whole arrangement was a natural part of life.  Clearly, it is not.

Just when I thought I was going to have to start doing my own hair, an enterprise that, with my talent for the sartorial arts would be akin to doing my own kidney transplant, a miracle occurred.  My oldest came home sporting the best hair cut and color I've seen on her.  An acquaintance of hers from one of her many jobs had just had a baby and decided that rather than leave him to go back to work, she would cut and color hair from her living room.  I visited last night and was at first a bit skeptical, but I decided I would just live with whatever results I got knowing that at least this child was not being raised by two members of the same sex.
The house was a bit dark, and I admit it wasn't entirely comfortable, especially the color rinse in the kitchen sink, but she did a phenomenal job, the price was right, and I got to play with the baby while waiting for the color to set.  And, I was helping a mom who chose life to support herself and her child.

BTW, it is nothing short of tragic that an innocent childhood symbol, the rainbow, has become the icon for depravity.  More about that some other time.


  1. Well, I'm glad you found someone. I was afraid you would end up having to go to Bob's Barber Shop!

  2. Oh it lost what I wrote, darn it. Let me try again.

    I would have no problem patronizing a gay business, but the flaunting of two daddies would drive me away too.

    One of these days they will finally pass gay marriage laws and it will really upset me. It's not a marriage. Two people of the same gender do not make a husband and wife.

  3. I totally agree on supporting the young women that decide to have their babies!
    on hair: I just "discovered" a very nice Christian lady, get this--twenty feet away on my own corner. (roll eyes here)if you on;y knew how long I searched.
    and God still owns the rainbow. :)


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