Sunday, April 10, 2011

Passion Sunday

"They took up stones therefore to cast at Him.  But Jesus hid Himself, and went out of the Temple" - The Holy Gospel according to St. John for Passion Sunday.

Two very different Gospels for two different forms of the Mass,  but a common thread runs through both.  The Jews could have stoned Jesus to death.  Given what He suffered on the cross, this might have been a less painful death.  But His hour had not yet come, so He slipped out of their midst to die another day.

To symbolize Christ's hiding His Divinity from the Jews, all of the statues were shrouded in purple today and they will remain that way until Easter.  I have a not-so-great photo of our purple-shrouded statues below.

Our church before the start of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass would be perfectly silent were it not for two ushers, who talk out loud to each other before Mass begins, most likely because they are old and hard of hearing.  I reminded myself of this before I gave in to the urge to turn around and dart a look at those disrupting the silence.  These little annoyances which so often get under my skin are a form of mortification. Why has it not occurred to me before that they are for my own good, and that is why I encounter so many of them?  I was annoyed with my daughter because she insisted on wearing jeans instead of a skirt.  I thought I had taught her better.  I was embarrassed because the other girls were dressed up.  When I continue to worry about how things affect me or reflect upon me, I will continue to be mortified by my own overly-developed sense of decorum.  Because in being disturbed by such things to the degree that I am, I have once again put myself and my own will ahead of Christ.


  1. I think most of us are guilty of this. It's been drilled into us since childhood, if your mom was anything like mine.

  2. They didn't shroud the statues at my church. Is this something they do every year? I can't say i've ever seen that.

    I hear you on decorum. I'm fairly sticky about it too. In fact you just reminded me of the Bible reader at my mass today. It was a young woman, probably early twenties, and very attractive. I think they must rotate readers between the various churches and she reads at my church about once a month. The way she dresses is rather provacative if you ask me. Today she had something low on her shoulders with her bra straps showing. Other times she has had cleavage showing and other times she has had rather tight pants, jeans as a matter of fact. I'm rather surprised she's been selected as reader. All the other readers are extremely modest and older. As to your daughter, I think it depends on the type of jeans. Jeans are extremely variable these days. Jeans can be dressy and modest.

    As to those two ushers always talking, perhaps God is trying to tell you something. ;)

  3. Rebecca is always dressed modestly, even in jeans. She had a long shirt and a jacket that feel beneath the hips. I just like her to make the sacrifice of dressing up a bit.

    Manny, yes, they veil the statues at our church every year on the Sunday that begins Passiontide. I might get around to posting some photos of how I veiled the statues in my own Carmelite shrine in purple.


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