Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tell Me Where You Have Laid Him, And I Will Carry Him Away

This reflection is not my own, it was the basis of the homily at Mass this morning.

Father pointed out the impossibility of Mary Magdalene's love.  She is so consumed with love for the Lord that she makes the incredulous statement that if the gardener will just tell her where he has laid Him, she will go get Him, all by herself, and carry Him away.  The greatness of her love would be all she'd need to help in this seemingly impossible feat - a woman carrying a dead man's body all by herself from one place to another.

When we love as we ought to love, we will do anything for our Beloved.  Father touched on a very simple but powerful notion - that we should thirst more and more for Our Lord.  We should pray that our thirst will only grow so that every day, we will seek Him.  I think this is the basis of St. Bonaventure's prayer, which I have permanently posted on my blog and which I pray at the TLM after Holy Communion ( I really ought to print it somewhere for myself so I can pray at daily Mass as well.)

Now that Lent is over, Mass has thinned out a bit.  Perhaps those who came to daily Mass worked out a temporary agreement with their employer to be able to get there during Lent and perhaps now that arrangement has reached its conclusion.  Whatever the case may be, I am so grateful that I can get to Mass most mornings.  There are times when I think I'd like to pick vegetables all day rather than do the job I do with all its aggravation.  But then I remember that my job allows me to get to daily Mass, and when I consider that, the aggravation seems a minute price to pay.

I heard a priest on EWTN discuss the greatest sin of our times.  No, it's not abortion, or homosexual acts or any of the other heinous things that come to mind.  The worst sin is the loss of the sense of sin.


I'm a bit cranky these days.  My sister is getting married in July.  She was raised Catholic as was her fiancee.  Neither of them practice the faith.  My sister is divorced.  She and her ex-husband were like a bottle of gasoline and a lit match.  Things are much quieter in this relationship.  We urged her to seek an annulment so they could get married in church.  She said it was too much trouble.  Her fiancee, who was never married before, said he sees no point in it because he doesn't want anything to do with the Catholic church because of the abuse scandal.  So they found a place to have their wedding, she has a dress, he has his bachelor party planned, the bridal party has been selected, all of the details have been addressed except one major one - they have no one to marry them.  My sister even called a rabbi, who told her she couldn't officiate if any of the readings mentioned the name of Christ.  In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, anyone can officiate at a civil wedding ceremony, provided the couple has a valid license.  My sister actually asked me if I would consider marrying them.  I wanted to throw up, to be honest.  I told her absolutely not and I asked to consider once again seeking an annulment so a priest could marry them.  Nope, she said.  The arrangements have all been made, and she's not changing the day or anything else to accommodate a priest's schedule.

I just received an invitation to the bridal shower.  It's on Sunday, May 22nd at Noon.  I go to the TLM at Noon on Sundays.  It's also St. Rita's Feast Day.  I am probably not going to the shower.  For one thing, I did my part at my sister's first wedding.  She had a lovely shower at a restaurant on a Wednesday evening.  I really want no part of this wedding, but of course, there's the family peace that must be kept.  I think it's enough that I'll be at the wedding.

Did I mention I'm cranky?




  1. "The worst sin is the loss of the sense of sin." This is so true and every day in every aspect of our lives people are being indoctrinated into the new belief that there is no absolute right or wrong. If there is no right or wrong, how can there be sin?

    Good luck with the wedding. It puts you in a difficult position.

  2. Bob told me about the beautiful homily.
    Sorry for the family stuff. I hear ya. prayers coming your way.

  3. The loss of sin is a great observation. I agree with Kathy - so true. Good luck with your sister.

  4. I have the same situation with my sister whose second marriage was held in her house by an ex-priest...very strange. I wasn't there anyway. Keep praying for them...love them...and pray for them.


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