Sunday, April 3, 2011

Palm Sunday in the Extraordinary Form at St. Paul's Philadelphia

Photo of the procession as it departs for St. Paul's. (Photographer unknown)

The following information is taken from the leaflet insert from St. Paul's TLM

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, the other church in St. Paul Parish, will once again be used as the ecclesia collecta on Palm Sunday, April 17, weather permitting.    This means that the Palm Sunday ceremonies will begin there with the blessing and distribution of palms at `12 Noon.  From there, we will process to St. Paul's for Mass.  Those who are physically unable to walk should wait at St. Paul's for the procession to arrive at approximately 12:30pm.  St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi is approximately 4 blocks from St. Paul's at 7th and Montrose Streets.  The faithful can park in the schoolyard across from St. Paul's and walk over to St. Mary's.

The faithful are invited to the altar, the same as they would to receive Holy Communion.  The priest celebrant will present each palm to the faithful, at which time the recipient should kiss the palm and then kiss the priest's hand.  We will then line up and process to St. Paul's, lead by the schola in a chant appropriate for Palm Sunday.

At the Mass, the priest celebrant will chant the entire Passion in Latin.  Last year was my first Palm Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form and I very much look forward to hearing it again this year.

One thing I definitely do not look forward to in the Ordinary Form is the way the Passion is parceled out in bits as though it's a stage play.


  1. I have to know long is the Passion Sunday Mass in TLM? I have never been to a of these days I will work up the nerve to go to one : ) Do you know any parishioners at St. Mary Magdalen's Parish? We have several Carmelites there. It sounds like your parishes are really flourishing there.

  2. Theresa, the Palm Sunday Mass will probably be about two hours or more, including the procession, etc. I know some of the Carmelites at St. Mary Magdalene. However, that church is not a separate parish but part of St. Paul's It was made a worship site by the Archdiocese some 8 years ago or so. Please, by all means, come to the TLM. Sit towards the back so you can follow the lead of the people in front of you, if you are uncertain or unsure of what to do. Visitors are always made to feel welcome without the Protestant bunk of "greet the person next to you". The regulars do their best to help the newcomers keep track of where we are in the booklet. However, my advice is to forget about the booklet and just take everything in the first time. Thanks for asking!


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