Saturday, April 9, 2011

I am Such a Bad Wife

My poor husband.  He missed a step going down the stairs this  morning.  I heard a loud bang and then a certain expletive repeated over and over.  I heard my son ask him if he was ok.  He said yes and proceeded on his way.  Seems he missed a step and knocked his hip out of whack.   Now he's hobbled for the rest of the day. Useless, as Victor Spinelli would say.  I'm giving him the day off, but I'm not helping matters any by laughing at the poor soul for the way he crashed this morning.  Every time I think about the "splat!" sound and the lamentations that followed, I fall into a fit of laughter. The fact that he's a moaner and a whiner doesn't  help.  What kind of wife am I?

The kids are going to be gone all day with their various activities, so I'm going to take him for a ride later on to get a bite to eat.  After the Phillies game, of course.

We'll be married 25 years on Monday.   Laughter is a good thing.


Mr. Little Way is feeling much better today.  No lasting damage was done by his faux pas coming down the stairs.  Thanks for your comments,  they made me laugh even harder.  I never realized what good exercise laughing is for the  abs.  I should try it more often!


  1. I'm a little jealous of your day. Mine is too busy.

    And I don't think there is anything wrong with not having an excess of sympathy for a mate (or a kid).

  2. Ha, ha, yes, sometimes it's hard not to laugh. I'm usually full of sympathy except for that time mine did that "old guy acting like a young kid" thing and broke his ribs. Sympathy? None, none, none! And he kept trying to act like it didn't hurt. LOL!

  3. What kind of a nurse are you, anyway? lol.

  4. My wife would do the same if it were me. ;) Seriously one can get really hurt falling down the steps.


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