Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give Me a Break

We can have scantily-clad cheerleaders, but we can't have this

My husband, who has a talent for getting under my skin at just the right time, insists on watching the Penn State-Nebraska game.  The commentators just reported that Joe Paterno hasn't been sighted today, but two young men were seen entering the yard at his home and kneeling down on the ground in prayer with the same reverence they might in a cathedral.

Maybe if more people got on their knees for the right reason, outrages like the one that has Penn State in its grips  wouldn't be so commonplace.

Meanwhile, after the prayers of petition, the priest who said Mass today took the opportunity to comment on the Penn State scandal and to remind us to pray for the victims.  I don't know if this scandal rises to the level of needing special mention at Mass, although it's certainly not wrong to ask people to pray for the innocent who were violated by a pedophile.

The fact that we hold some sports figures as icons on a level with the Almighty tells us all we need to know about priorities.

Meanwhile, in the NFL, there has hardly been a more scrutinized rookie quarterback than Tim Tebow.  You know why?  Because Tebow is not afraid to display his faith.  God forbid, we can't have that in America.  We can have the Kardashian wedding, and the Conrad Murray circus, and we can award a multi-million dollar contract to a dog killer named Michael Vick, but what we can't have is an accomplished young athlete giving God the glory on the football field.  Nope, we'd rather have risque touchdown dances and players taking each other's heads off.

So long as more people remain more committed to football and Hollywood than they are to their faith, this lunacy will continue.


  1. ...because we no longer have "one nation under God." Sadly, our country is turning into a freak show!

    Sorry I have not had much time for blogging, so busy this time of year with holiday orders. When you get a minute check out my post from todays pet expo. I took Benz and he looked adorable!

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Joyce, I couldn't agree more! I am always so delighted to notice a player make the sign of the cross, or kneel and bow his head, as in your picture above. But, I wonder how long we will be able to see any of this....

    Wouldn't the founders of this country be aghast at the travesty visited upon the Bill of Rights. I am so angry that the anti-prayer crowd can get away with this. Kerri is so right: we are beoming a freak show. God help us!

    Blessed Sunday!

  3. Patricia, that's why I hope Tim Tebow succeeds because someone with his courage will force the issue to the forefront. We need more athletes like him. Blessed Sunday to you, too!


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