Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missed Opportunity and The New Translation

At the conclusion of the Noon Mass yesterday, at a parish not my own, the priest took the opportunity to talk a little about the new Missal translation that begins two Sundays from now.  I was disappointed in his remarks.  He said if the laity thought it was going to be difficult, imagine what it's like for the priests.  He went on to say how most of the changes were good and then quickly corrected himself and said they were all good, then added "I guess."

Next, he told the congregation it was going to be difficult to learn the changes and it would be a year before everyone was comfortable with them.

If you only go to Mass once a week, it might take you a year, so I think he missed an opportunity.  He should have encouraged people to get all the practice they can with the new translation by going to Mass as frequently as they could.

In my  parish, our pastor has been using the Ordinary Form for the past month or so to introduce a different part of the translation and allowing the faithful to practice it, such as the Sanctus and the Gloria.  I have no idea what they've  been doing in the parish I was at yesterday because I don't go there on Sundays but my guess is that you're on your own.  No wonder the priest thinks it's going to be such a struggle.


  1. I was at a parish this weekend where the priest offered the whole Mass in the new translation for practice. It was really beautiful...I can't wait. Sad that some are seeing the changes as such a chore..

  2. Caroline, I greatly look forward to being able to hear the entire Mass according to the New Translation. Peace Joyce

  3. Hi Joyce. I don't see what all the commotion is about. We have had cards containing the new responses, in our pews for the past few weeks. We are already using them for Sunday Mass. The cantor is also singing the Gloria, etc. in the new translation.

    Sunday before last, a visiting priest spoke at all the Masses, and gave an excellent explanation of why the changes were necessary, and how they will make the Mass more beautiful and meaningful. A child could understand most of what he said.

    My goodness, look at what those of us who were around right after Vatican II had to adjust to...

    Hopefully all of the complaining will die down in a few weeks : )

    Meanwhile, I'm rejoicing with you and Caroline. Now, if we could only get those communion rails back!

    Love you,

  4. Patricia, I am so lucky. Both my parish church and the worship site that is part of my parish have altar rails. My prayer is that this beautiful part of our faith will be restored. When you kneel to receive Holy Communion, no further gesture is necessary - no bowing, or genuflecting - you're already on your knees, just as the angels are who adore the Lord at all times.
    Love you too!


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