Friday, November 18, 2011

'Tis the Season

I thought I'd cease talking about myself for once and share a story of inspiration that I heard yesterday.   The health system that owns our hospital is very engaged in the community it serves.  Part of its engagement is an apartment complex it owns where families in need are given a place to live.  One of the nursing units decided last year to adopt one of the families that was being placed in the complex.  The mom, dad and two very young children had been living in their car.  They were most grateful to have a place to live but the apartment was a mess and they had no means to make it habitable.  Enter the nursing staff.

The nurses, assistants and unit clerks teamed together to scour the apartment, paint it, clean the rugs, and decorate it so that it would be a home.  Their work took place over several weeks including weekends.  Not content to simply provide a living space, the group went so far as to buy the children matching pajamas and to add other little touches, like a toothbrush holder complete with toothbrushes and other toiletries.

The little family was overwhelmed with joy when they moved in to their new home.  A year later, they have regained their footing and the nursing unit is now looking for another family to adopt.

There are so many times when I'm exhausted and think I deserve some extra merit simply because I go to work every day, and then I hear about a story like the one above and realize how very much more I can do.
It's easy to write a check or drop a few dollars into a kettle.  But giving of ourselves takes so much more, and yet we should be grateful that those in need give us the opportunity to lend a helping hand on behalf of the Lord, who fed the poor, healed the sick and welcomed the weary and will continue to do so through His people.

How will I answer His call?

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