Wednesday, November 16, 2011

With Grateful Thanksgiving to Charles Untz

As you know, I am hopeful that the cause of this young man will result in his eventual canonization.  Last year, I made a novena to him on behalf of a seminarian who is  battling brain cancer.  While the seminarian has not been cured, he has been called as candidate to the priesthood and his cancer remains stable.

I asked Charles to allow to come to fruition for this seminarian what had been denied to Charles himself when he was taken so suddenly in a tragic accident - that is, the priesthood.  I know Charles is now where Jesus intended for him to be, and that if God wills it, the seminarian will reach ordination some day.  I know in my heart that my prayers were heard.  I will continue to pray to this saint and to make known his cause, but not only in pursuit of canonization.  More importantly, I pray that more people, both young and old, will be moved by his holiness and will aspire to be more like him.

All for the glory of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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