Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Thanksgiving to St. Therese for Her Glorious Intercession

Last year I made a novena to St. Therese for the fiancee of a former co-worker.  The man was in heart failure and awaiting a heart transplant.  His condition was so tenuous that he couldn't safely leave the hospital until he got a new heart.  When I left, I never heard any more and quite honestly, I pray for so many people that he slipped my mind.  (My bad, I know).

Yesterday, I got a call from the woman and I was shocked to see that the call was coming from within the hospital.  For a moment, I thought "wow, she works here  now, too" but that was not the nature of her call.  Not only did her fiancee get his transplant, but they married soon after and she had just delivered their first child.  She was calling to see if I'd like to come visit the new addition.  She would like to have a copy of the novena booklet and it will be my pleasure to provide it.

Amid the joyous news came a sobering announcement that the son of another co-worker was undergoing treatment for brain cancer while the mother of another co-worker is awaiting direction for treatment of metastatic uterine cancer.  Please remember them in your prayers. I will once again be asking St. Therese to intercede.

Thank you St. Therese, for the veritable deluge of favors with which you have showered the faithful who have recourse to you.


  1. What a great story. How old was the man needing the heart transplant? Prayers for everyone you mentioned.

  2. In his early 40's Manny. Life after a transplant is no bed of roses but compared to the illness that preceded it, it's a big improvement.

  3. Thanks Joyce.

    Joyce, I'm finally am able to get back into my blog. I had promised to send you the link of my last blog about Matthew. I think you were in Italy and must have missed it. Here is the link:

  4. Thanks Manny, I left you a comment on your blog. Glad you were able to get back in.


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