Monday, November 14, 2011

Go in Peace, Glorifying the Lord by Your Life

I asked myself how many times I've honestly done this and the answer is probably "far fewer times than I should have."

Isn't this the reason we go to Mass?  To take the grace and strength we receive from the Eucharist to go forth and bring Christ to others through our words and deeds?

We are sent forth, just as Christ sent forth the Apostles, to make disciples of all men.  Let's never forget it.


  1. First I love that verse from Luke that our blessed mother says, "My soul magnifies the Lord." It might be my favorite in that wonderful chapter at the beginning of his Gospel.

    Second, what do you suggest we do? I am not an evangelizer. I can't stand when someone from a different denomination/religion tries to proselytize me, and so I could never without hypocrisy proselytize Catholicism. If I come across a debate, I will put forth the Catholic point of view. But I've never seen anyone converted by my words.

    I guess the best I can do is provide a good example of how a good Catholic should live. And I'm afraid I'm not that great at that.

  2. Manny
    Think of what St. Francis said, as it's good advice: "Preach the Gospel often and everywhere; when necessary, use words."

    Actions speak louder than words. Just keep trying. None of us are perfect.


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