Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back - At Least for Awhile

Dear Friends,

Some of you have reached out to me privately asking me to write again. I am going to give it another go at least during Lent. If just one person is helped it is worth shaking off the dust and the rust.

What I am up to during Lent is striving to become more like St Joseph in talking less and praying a lot more. It's a work in progress for sure.  I am blessed to have not just one but 3 different churches that offer evening Mass during Lent.  One of those churches also offers an early morning weekday TLM and it is just a few miles from where I work so I have no good reason not to get to daily Mass each day. My new-found home however is the Church of St Peter the Apostle which also happens to be home to the National Shrine of St John Neumann. Imagine an orthodox Mass offered on an altar in whose base the holy relic of a Saint is enclosed. The Redemptorists Fathers who run the place offer daily confessions and the lower church also has a small but lovely Adoration chapel.  Such a spiritual gem right under my nose that I overlooked for so long.e

I once read that 30 minutes of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament can gain one a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions. So imagine the power of a Rosary prayed before the Tabernacle.  I hope you take advantage of such riches as often as you can.  Remember that for most of us there are no good reasons but lots of excuses about why we can't be faithful to the bare minimum devotions.  We're not required to pray the Rosary every day but I can think of almost no one who doesn't have 20 minutes to set aside for a prayer most pleasing to Mary. I personally find that I am much more likely to pray the Rosary with focus and reverence if I do so before the Blessed Sacrament and if that's not possible before a Crucifix.

I have also become a spiritual mother to a priest who does not know who I am and whose identity I have promised not to reveal. As there are still over 200  Philadelphia-area priests who have not been adopted I would urge any women reading this blog to consider saying yes to a much-needed ministry. Visit prayformypriest. org for more information.

Now, about this blog....What I have decided to do is simply offer a meditation each day on this blog. I have a tendency to write too much about me and not enough about Him. I appreciate comments but please know that I won't be publishing them though I will certainly read them and respond privately if warranted.  I know you understand.

The Church does not demand that we accept private revelations. I happen to be a client of St Faustina and I do accept what she wrote about Divine Mercy. Therefore do not be surprised if I offer a meditation from her diary.  Whether you accept her revelations or not there is nothing that is not Christ-like about the thoughts attributed to Him.

By the way, about this weather we're having - my mother believes Hell just might be freezing over and she doesn't mean that in a good way. Abomination is the new normal in America. How much longer?

One more thing - I have to write from a mobile device so no pretty pictures.

So for today's Lenten meditation ponder these words of Our Lord when He appeared to St Faustina stripped and scourged and covered in blood and spittle:

"The bride must resemble her Betrothed"

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