Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TLM in Honor of St Joseph

Forget the zeppole - on his feast day, I want a Solemn High Mass offered in honor of St Joseph. I got my wish this evening. While 25% or more in attendance were from my Latin Mass Community, there were also those who belonged to the parish where the Mass was offered and came for their own reasons: curiosity, nostalgia, gratitude, devotion to St Joseph.  I invited a couple to go with me ( I also invited my husband, but I digress). Neither had ever assisted at a TLM but are daily communicants with a longing for a more reverent liturgy that rightfully holds Christ at its center. Only the wife was able to make it and her awe at the beauty and solemnity of what she witnessed made it worth the harrowing ride there in a tsunami. 

Tonight's Mass was one where you could literally hear a pin drop during the Canon. The silence permits the faithful to give rapt attention to the Sacred Mystery taking place at the altar. It facilitates the recognition that Christ will permit us to encounter Him without judgment.  It is truly the Grand Silence because there is none greater than the One Who emerges from it. 

It saddens me at times that what my friend witnessed tonight for the first time is still the exception and not the rule but I am nonetheless encouraged.  She will tell a friend. She will nudge her husband to go with her to a TLM and unlike 5 years ago or so, she will have a choice of parishes to visit that offer The Old Mass. The more Catholics who assist at a TLM, the more that will have the courage to ask their own pastors: why not here at OUR parish?  A few weeks ago a First Saturday TLM was offered at a Novus Ordo parish where a Tridentine Mass hadn't been offered in more than 40 years. Guess what happened as a result?  Some first-timers who assisted at that Mass came to our TLM this past Sunday. I can guarantee you it's just the start of their devotion to the Extraordinary Form. 

I wouldn't worry so much about the so-called Francis Effect.  The horse has left the barn my friends and she isn't coming back. Thank you Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. 

Happy Feast Day dearest St Joseph.  

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