Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If You Haven't Forgotten, Have You Really Forgiven?

"My pupil, have great love for those who cause you suffering. Do good to those who hate you"- St Faustina's Diary, (1628)

Well, how about it? If we can't forget the wrongs that have been done to us, can we really forgive?  Is this the type of mercy we'd like God to show us?  What would it be like if instead of seeing His creature that He loves beyond comprehension, God saw the sum of our sins every time He looked down on us.

What's more, remembering the wrongs, the hurts, the insults, the slights, the injustices - remembering all that baggage is yet another form of self-attachment.  If we're attached to ourselves, we put up a barrier that precludes us from union with Christ.

In the face of terrible tragedy, nothing is more stunning than unconditional forgiveness.  But it is not necessary to forgive in such a grand gesture to give pleasure to Our Lord. In fact it's quite possible that quiet reconciliation or dismissal of past injuries done in His Name might gain even more graces than a pardon granted with much attention. We simply don't know.

Maybe the hardest thing for us is to see in the unloveable the face of Jesus Christ. Let's admit the truth here: it's hard too see His face when someone is spitting in yours.  Still, He beckons us to Himself in His desire for us to be part of Him. He doesn't promise it will be easy, nor does He say we can do it on our own.  It's not meant to be easy because the reward is beyond measure.

"Oh my Jesus, You know what efforts are needed to live sincerely and unaffectedly with those from whom our nature flees, or those who, deliberately or not have made us suffer.  Humanly speaking, this is impossible. At such times more than others, I try to discover The Lord Jesus in such a person and for that same Jesus, I do everything for such people."- St Faustina's Diary (766)

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