Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Night in a Bad Inn

This is how St Teresa of Avila described our exile on earth as we wait to gain our Final Reward. I try to remember this when the going gets rough. 

"I do not reward for good results but for the patience and hardship endured for My sake."-St Faustina's Diary (86)

Some days are easier to remember this than others.  But continuing on St Faustina's confession that for Jesus, she did everything possible for ungodly people, let's consider those individuals or situations that push our buttons. I like to think of the immense pleasure and consolation it gives Our Lord when we suffer for His sake in these situations.  Consider also how very few people in this world give Him even a second thought and you will realize why we need to push ourselves as long as we're able to work for His Kingdom.

I also don't think Our Lord is telling us that some effort is equal to our best effort. I deluded myself about this for quite some time.  He waited patiently for me and truth be told, I still have days when I'm sure my sloth and slipshod effort must leave Him exasperated.  Fortunately for me, His mercy endures forever and I am permitted to try again. 

Even in the throes of her illness, St Therese remarked: "I can still stand on my feet and so I must go about my duties". 

Lent is a time for us to work especially hard to save souls, including our own!  By all means practice acts of mercy and alms giving. But prayer and sacrifice joined to it are the means of receiving the graces necessary to sustain us in battle. 

One week into Lent, it's tempting to allow ourselves a certain sense of satisfaction if we've successfully stuck to our resolutions. But as He reminded Faustina, without His help we're not even capable of accepting His graces.  Pray for the strength to sustain you. Who knows how many souls you may save in the process?

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