Friday, March 21, 2014

Fight for My Kingdom

"Go, fortified by My grace, and fight for my kingdom in human souls; fight as a king's child would and remember that the days of your exile will pass quickly, and with them the possibility of earning merit for Heaven. I expect from you My child a great number of souls who will glorify My mercy for all eternity" - St Faustina's Diary(1489)

I don't think we should ever give in to disgust with fellow Catholics. Disgust in terms of faith might be close to despair if you think about it. 

Sheep can be pretty disgusting but the shepherd doesn't see it that way. He has a commitment to his sheep no matter how much dung they produce or how many flies they attract. It would be pretty tough to stay close to his herd if he could be deterred by dirt, odor, stubbornness and disobedience. 

There is no more powerful weapon at our disposal than frequent reception of the Sacraments which fortify our prayers and penance with untold graces.  If we can't muster the energy to get to Mass and Adoration as often as possible, how hard are we fighting for His kingdom in human souls?

I expect no more from those who answer to me at my job than that which I demand of myself. So I am not urging the impossible from you in terms of the spiritual life. Some days are easier than others to get to daily Mass and Adoration. Just when you think you are pushing yourself, you come to the realization that Someone else is doing all the work. And He showers so many graces upon you and those you hold dear that pretty soon, it gets easier and easier, and your soul wants more and more of Him. 

You don't want to keep the treasure of His grace only for those who love you. You want it for everyone, so you don't allow yourself to be so disgusted by dirty sheep that Christ is no longer recognizable in you. What is a Christian if not an imitator of Christ?

So many Catholics today speak of martyrdom. While they wait for it to happen, they sometimes stop imitating the Christ Who never gives up on us and Who will never refuse us His mercy. How dare we refuse it to others?

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