Monday, March 17, 2014

The Sanctity of Suffering

"The more you will come to love suffering, the purer your love for Me will be." - St. Fautsina's Diary (279)

Who among us striving to be holy wouldn't want to have an ever-more pure love for Our Lord?  But if you are like me, you may have days when you are tempted to ask:  "Dear God, don't I already love You enough that You had to send me this?"

St.Therese referred to the sufferings Jesus sent her as "choicest", a word I might use to describe a spotless piece of fruit or a good cut of meat.  What are some choice sufferings that we endure without ever considering their worth?

The unkind word of a spouse of child when we least feel up to hearing it?

False accusations or suspicion about our motives?

Being mortified in public in one way or another?

Watching helplessly as someone we love is injured by another?

Watching our children suffer physical and/or mental anguish?

Favoritism that costs us attention, a promotion or even a job?

Being left out?

Getting taken for granted and never shown an ounce of appreciation?

Only being acknowledged when someone wants something from us?

Watching someone else take credit for our idea or an accomplishment that came about because of very  hard work?

An illness that isn't serious yet causes anguish just the same?

Going back to the "one night in a bad inn" observation of St. Teresa of Avila, I tell you that I have often to remind myself that this kind of misery is a temporal punishment, and the more that is heaped upon me, the less I may have to suffer the flames of Purgatory.  When I have grown up spiritually, I hope that I will not think of my own gain, but of the consolation my suffering might give to the Heart of Jesus and the graces it may win my children, both those I brought into the world and those I have adopted spiritually.

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