Sunday, March 16, 2014


Of all the places in the Holy Land, I think the one I would most like to visit would have to be Mount Tabor.  I'd like to see what path leads to its height and imagine the conversation, if any, Peter, James and John had with Jesus as they made their ascent.  I think of how they must have been overcome when He revealed His glory to them.   I think I probably would have fainted.

I have often said on this blog that the Transfiguration is one of those luminous mysteries that reveals the surpassing generosity of Christ. Knowing what He is about to suffer, He permits the apostles to preview His divinity to help bolster their faith when they later see the Son of God handed over to be mocked, beaten and crucified.

During the Canon of a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the subdeacon conceals the paten beneath the humeral veil until just before Holy Communion.  I asked one of the priests in our TLM rotation why this is done and he said it's meant to represent how Christ hid His glory from the eyes of ordinary men.   Perhaps it is to remind us that the only path to Heaven is by way of the Cross.

"Do you see these souls?  Those who resemble Me in the pain and contempt they suffer will be like Me also in glory. And those who bear less resemblance to me in pain and contempt will also bear less resemblance to Me in glory."- St Faustina's Diary (446)

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