Monday, March 24, 2014

The Cause of Our Falls

"The cause of your falls is that you rely too much on yourself and too little on Me. But let this not sadden you so much. You are dealing with the God of mercy"- St Faustina's Diary (1488)

One of the toughest things for me as a mother was letting my children walk down the street without holding my hand.  I'm pretty sure my son was nearly 10 before he was able to convince me that he really could negotiate the sidewalk without his hand in mine.  God forbid the poor kid should trip and fall. I would go off.

"See!  If you were holding my hand you wouldn't have a bloody knee."

When I first read the above passage, I had an image of trying to walk across a minefield with Jesus walking behind me, wanting to reach out and grab me before I stepped on an explosive and blew up my soul.  But as much as He wants to take hold of us, He can't.  He patiently waits for us to reach out for Him.

When we fail at the same thing over and over we really do have to ask ourselves: did I ask for God's help with this, or did I imagine that all by myself I am capable of battling evil?  Sometimes I think I look for excuses to commit the same sin repeatedly because I really don't want to let Christ change me.  In my stubborn wickedness I cling to my vices and foolishly think I can overcome them on my own.  I know if I did the right thing, which is to depend totally on Him, I could change.

With total dependence on Jesus, which is what He desires of us, we submit to His will and abandon our own.  He supports us along the treacherous paths that trip us and cause us to fall.  We admit that we are weak little nothing's made something's only by the worth He gives our words and actions.

It's difficult to submit when by doing so we are acknowledging our weakness.  When we get a little too confident in our own abilities it is easy to see how Jesus might permit us to fall.  If His mercy wasn't infinite, I would have been bound for Hell long ago.

What are some ways we can rely totally on Him?

By not allowing ourselves to be gripped by anxiety.  By embracing the thorns as much as we would the roses. By learning how to take delight in being humiliated, forgotten or even mistreated.  By refusing to let stress get the best of us because we know He is in control. By making prayer our first resort in any situation. By thanking Him in every way possible for His mercy and goodness. By suffering in silence. By keeping our triumphs and success a secret from everyone but Him. By imitating Him by also being meek and humble of heart. By tuning out the world.  By glorifying His mercy.

"As often as you beg for it, you glorify My mercy."

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