Saturday, March 22, 2014

More Mother Than Queen

St Therese once shared that although the Blessed Virgin Mary is both queen and mother, she is more the latter than the former.  As a child, I think I probably saw it more the other way around. Now that I have children of my own I have discovered a beautiful bond with the Mother of God. 

For although she was conceived without sin and herself gave birth to the Son of God, she understands completely our concerns as  flawed mothers of children who are not perfect. She knows before we even plead for her intercession what trials we face as parents and our heartaches are hers as well.  She is perfect and we are not but she never let's that stand in the way of bonding with her as a motherly confidant. 

That is why I go to her with complete confidence that she will lend me speedy and visible assistance. I go to her not as the Queen of Heaven and Earth but as the mother who understood and accepted the magnitude of her role in salvation history.  I never have to say much. I simply ask for what I need and her motherly heart neither demands or requires an explanation. Although twice God made her wait 3 days for relief - once when she lost Him to the Temple and then when she lost Him to the tomb- she spares me a similar anguish.  Believe me when I say I am not worthy.  

I'm not sure if I ever shared this with you before but I met a woman who underwent a lung transplant. She told her story of growing sicker and sicker as she languished on the transplant list. One Friday night, she was too sick and too weak to climb the stairs to bed. She stayed on the couch, convinced she might die that night.  She prayed Rosary after Rosary. Suddenly, she stopped midway during the Our Father and with a combination of desperation and exasperation she cried: "Mother of God, talk to your Son! I can't take anymore!"

"I didn't mean to sound fresh, but I had reached the end of my rope."  She couldn't pray anymore. She just lay on the couch completely helpless and exhausted.  A short time later, the phone rang with the news that a donor had been located - a young woman left brain dead after an auto accident - and that she should come to the hospital ASAP. 

The reason she shared her story with our group was two-fold: one so we would pray for the soul of the donor and two so we would never forget what a powerful intercessor we have in Mary and how she can melt her Son's Heart with just one word on our behalf, if only we would remember to ask.  What mother does not live to hear from her children?

Return her generosity and love by your devotion to her Divine Son and to her through faithfully praying her Rosary and offering penance on behalf of poor sinners, especially those with no one to pray for them. 

If you can, resolve to complete the First Saturday devotion to her, not just on 5 consecutive Saturdays but on every Saturday for the rest of your life, so long as you are able.  If Jesus Christ does not refuse what she asks of Him, how can we?  

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