Friday, October 28, 2011

Come To Me

It is nearly impossible for me to leave work at the end of the day without first making a visit to the chapel.  This is what I imagine the Lord might be saying to me, if only I could hear Him.

You are not here simply because you want to be. You are here because you heard Me calling to you, and you indulged Me.   I have not called out to you alone, but as this moment, before this tabernacle,  you are the only one to have heeded My call.    When I look at you, know that I am not seeing you as you might think.  When you sit before Me, I don't see the shortcomings that sometimes make you think twice about visiting Me.  All I see is a soul I love so much that for it,  I gave My very life.  What you must accept is that what I did for you, you could never do for Me, because I neither demand it or expect it. 

 I hear you calling to Me throughout the day as you face problem after problem.  I desire that you should call upon Me as a source of strength.  Know, daughter, that I never tire of hearing your voice. Still, you have only to ask me once to take your problems into My Hands and I will come to your aid.  I know what you need before you do, but the confidence that you place in Me is a source of delight.  It pleases Me to hear you give thanks to Me for the mercies I shower upon you so that others may come to know Me as you do. 

 It is the end of the day, and your family will be looking for you.  I know the duties of the household need your attention. Go, and bring the peace that only I can give with you. Remember me, as you always do, when  you sit down to the evening meal.   Tomorrow is another day, and I will be right here, where I always am, waiting for you. 


  1. Just beautiful, Joyce!

    I think you heard His Words just as He said them to you. How comforting for you!

    Isn't it beyond wonderful that He listens for our voice just because He loves to hear it, and He is so excited to see us come into His Presence, simply because we are his most beloved children...He who owns the world. Wow!

    Have a beautiful, and relaxing (!) weekend! You earned it! : )

    Love you,

  2. Patricia, sometimes when I think of Jesus sitting alone in the tabernacle, I think of a parent who gave everything to their child, only to have that child neglect and abandon them when they reached adulthood. The child shows up unexpectedly one day, perhaps for a meal, and the overjoyed parents says nothing about the neglect they have endured but leaps into the kitchen to prepare a feast. The way that parent's heart breaks with unrequited love for that child is how I imagine the Lord's Sacred Heart aches as He endures so much neglect. So, that's why it's right for us to visit Him whenever we can, even if it's just for five minutes to say in His Presence: Lord, I love You above all things.

    Have a peaceful and blessed day Patricia!

  3. Great analogy, Joyce, and it makes me think that is what Therese was feeling when she came up with the idea of offering herself as a victim of Love to the Merciful Heart of God, trying to console Him for all that unrequited love...and so should we all, it seems. And I have been so remiss in this lately...

    God bless you. Your pure heart and humble spirit are so inspiring to me. Thanks for being you! : )


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