Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Hit and Hurry

The Boy is doing very well at his new job at the bakery.  He has to be at work by 7am on Saturday mornings, no easy feat for a kid who loves to sleep, but he gets himself up and off without any prompting from us.  Now if he would only do the same on Sunday mornings when it's time for Mass.  It's been such a gift for him to have this little job, to feel he's productive and to have a little money of his own.  Matt keeps asking me how he's going to be able to manage money when I'm gone and I keep assuring him that his sisters will be here to help him when I no longer am.

We bought the house we're living in from Jewish friends of ours who rented it out for years to a couple with 11 kids. The oldest son had a brain injury that required constant supervision and they once confided that the reason they wanted to keep having children for as long as they were able was so they could ensure that there would always be a sibling to look after him.  I try to keep that family in my prayers but I confess I don't always remember to do so.

The rodents are alive and well.  Apparently, as Julie pointed out to me some time ago, rats need to be bathed, so last night was the first time Rebecca attempted this feat. I was horrified to see the spotted one LEAP out of the tub several times and right onto her arm.  I didn't know rodents could fly! Thankfully, I was not landed upon by either of them because I surely would have died.

I know a lot of bloggers have been feeling lately as though they are reaching for things to write about.  I have that feeling myself. I've noticed I've lost a few followers.  Not sure why, but I think its' good for me.  I can't say it enough times that it's too easy to get caught up in stats and when that happens, I know that I have no longer made Jesus the focus of this enterprise, small as it is.  So in a special way, thanks to those who have dropped from my roll.  A little humility is a good thing.

Rebecca was given permission to begin taking photographs at the TLM at our church. I look forward to sharing her work with you, with my pastor's permission of course.  I'm so grateful that we have this beautiful Mass to look forward to each week and I just wish more people would take advantage of the opportunity to avail themselves of it.

I have to say that for all the jokes I make about my husband, things seemed to have improved vastly between us since I returned from Italy.  We are closer and I'm not as apt to let the little things he does drive me crazy.  In fact, we have had a few near-disasters in the past month, including a foreclosure notice on the house, this as a result of my check being stolen from the collection plate and the fact that I forgot to let the mortgage company in on the fact that I have a new bank account.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that my former employer is suing me for the price of tuition, when in fact I was required to take the courses that I did and never took a dime of tuition money in the previous 12 years that I worked there.  If the Lord sees fit, He will deliver me from this trial and if it's my responsibility to pay this back, He will make that apparent too.  I believe this unity and new-found sense of calm is one of the graces received through my prayers during the pilgrimage.

Things are far from perfect and they always will be and that's OK.  The only perfection will be found in Heaven, God-willing.


  1. I am so glad the little rats are doing well. A bath! I never would have imagined you'd have to do that. I assumed they could groom themselves, or each other. How wonderful your son is at the bakery! Don't worry about the followers, sometimes they come and go. I'm just concerned about one that disappeared from a few of us at the same time.

  2. Kathy, hmmm, I didn't realize that. Now I know who at least one of them is. I hope she's ok. We will keep her in our prayers.

    yes, the rats are constantly grooming each other and anyone else they come into contact with. I think Gigi our little pug mix would like to befriend them, so we are introducing them through the safety of the cage. One of the rats reached out and grabbed her toe and tried to haul into the cage. When that failed, she just groomed for Gigi instead. Too funny!

  3. I'm not sure if I'm not registering as often on your stats. I still can only comment when I log in through Firefox. It seems to be like that for blogs that have that security word we have to write once we post a comment. What's the point of that security word? Anyway, the blogs where a separate panel pops up (like in Shadowlands') I can comment. Very weird. And I still can't get into my blog, no matter what I try. That's very annoying. I wish they could make this blogging system easier to understand.

    See, your pilgrimage did you lots of good. Actually what's a husband good for if he's not annoying. ;) If you met my wife I'm sure you two could trade lots of stories...lol.

    God bless your son. I hope he does well.

  4. Manny, that's an anti-spam word to make sure a living person is leaving the comment. Unfortunately, there are some sickos in this world who like to leave obscenities and pornography as comments and that's why I always have moderation on. Shadowlands seems to have taken down her blog and dropped out of sight. We should keep her in our prayers.

    I'm sure you're wife is a SAINT, just like ME LOL!

  5. My son, a computer engineer, seems to think that blogger is not using a standard ummmm, something- like html template design???? Well, anyway, it's a compatibility issue. I have the same problem. If I use Chrome (or Firefox I have also heard before) I can log in and comment. Internet explorer, not. I'm anon if I use that.

  6. Oh is it an anti spam thing? Thanks. Yes, I have the same issue that Kathy describes. I haven't used Chrome (heard negative things about it) but it does work with Firefox. It still doesn't explain why Explorer works for blogs without that anti-spam thing. Still can't get into my blog with anything. It seems to be something on my computer.

    Yes, I've noticed Shadowlands and she is in my prayers. It was my coming across Shadowlands' blog that introduced me to this world of Catholic bloggers. So she has a special place in my thoughts.

  7. Looking forward to the TLM pictures.

    People often ask me about it on my blog. But,I too have asked each pastor and they have realized the necessity to preserve and capture these images of beauty. Most times, I sit in the choir loft, with a zoom lens. My camera doesn't require a flash, it will take pictures in low light and has a near silent shutter.

    She'll be photographing true beauty.


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