Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't Try This At Home

Good news.  Rebecca had her doctor's visit today.  While it was recommended that she have minor surgery to eradicate the cyst, the doctor assured me it's not urgent and can actually wait until Christmas break.  There was no sign of infection and no need to put her on antibiotics.  I was afraid to tell her this,  but decided it was better for me to fess up.  I actually irrigated and aspirated the cyst myself over the weekend and got rid of the troubling debris.

"Good job!"  she congratulated me.  "You fixed the problem, for now. How did you do it?"

I told her and she was very impressed.

What I didn't tell her or anyone else for that matter,  is that this time last year, I aspirated a cyst I had - on my eyelid.  I wouldn't dream of attempting that on someone else's eyelid, but when a friend described the procedure she had to remove a chalazion, I knew there was no way I was letting any surgeon, no matter how good, anywhere near my eye with a Bovie knife.  I will spare you the gory details but will tell you there is no sign the pesky thing was ever there and the "procedure" took less than a minute and did not require any electrocautery.

Some people fix their own computers, work on their own cars or unclog their own toilets.  How many people do you know can fix their own eyelids?  Perhaps a better question is how many people do you know are crazy enough to try?

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