Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Eye Candy From Italy

From Genazzano Italy, the image of Our Mother of Good Counsel which miraculously appeared in approximately 1467


  1. I LOVE this image :) we have a little one in our home. I also belong to a worldwide group that wears the medal, though I haven't been wearing it since I took the scapular, but the group prays for all the intentions of all the other members daily.

  2. This is hauntingly beautiful...It seems to draw you in..Must have been amazing in person. I'm enjoying your walking us through the trip with you.

    You were more patient with J than I think I ever could have been...What a strange personality.

    It must feel so good to be home +

  3. You know Caroline, that man brought back every bad memory of men who have literally stalked me or been inappropriate with me in my entire life. I am still struggling with my feelings about him. One night in Cascia, I broke down in tears before the Blessed Sacrament, asking the Lord to forgive me and at the same time, questioning how He could allow a person to become so distorted. Physical suffering is something that is not hard for me to comprehend. Mental anguish is quite another story, and deep down, I'm sure J does not want to be the way he is. At one point, I called him aside and told him people would be more tolerant of him if he could simply keep quiet. He told me he was aware of that, and his lack of self-control was why he had lost a job. I consulted with another man on the trip who had a lot of experience with the mentally ill and he said he thought J was bipolar and that I should not suggest that he get help because he probably wouldn't. You can only take on so much. I questioned one of the priests who was with us about why God is always putting such difficult people in my path and his response was that this was not God's doing, but my own, since I had every right to walk away from this person and ignore him the rest of the trip. By our final day, even Father had exhausted all his patience with him. So sad...

  4. Sometimes I get stuck trying to figure people with "issues" like that out..I vacillate back and forth from - I should be patient and try to help them to OMG I'm going to lose it..Father's words to you are so comforting ..I usually assume it's the Lord placing people like that in my life,too but how freeing to realize it's OK to walk away..Very sad..Just hearing you tell it brings back memories of creepy guys. Bless your heart that it brought you to tears..

    I'm praying that the whole awful memory of him would not be allowed to steal the joy of the many beautiful things you saw and experienced..

    Blessings and +


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