Sunday, October 23, 2011

Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen

The King gives a wedding banquet for his son, but the honored guests spurn the invitation.  The Gospel tells us that the second round of  guests came from all walks of life.  One was too busy with his farm, another had to return to his merchandise.

Our priest reminded us today that if all who have been called would show up to the feast, the church would be overflowing with people and there would be many in the street clamoring to get in.  That is not the scene at my church and there are probably few, if any, that would fit this description.

There are some days when things don't go so well for me, spiritually speaking, and I think to myself that if a truck came along and splattered me all over the interstate, I'd be hard-pressed to get into Heaven.  And then I have a couple of thoughts about this. If we honestly try to do our best, it shouldn't be hard to imagine that a benevolent God would not pull the rug out from under us at a time when we're at a spiritual disadvantage.  By no means I'm advocating a life of sin and assuming that God will call us when it's most convenient for us. I'm only saying that He knows we are human and bound to fall and that if we make every effort to keep His precepts, we will not find ourselves being cast into the darkness, with much moaning and gnashing of teeth.

We cannot comprehend God.  We're not required to do so.  We're required to have faith, to trust and to do our best, confident in the knowledge that His Grace will suffice.


  1. I like this Joyce and the reference to being splattered all over the highway LOL! Bad image.

    Really important what you said and it struck me: that God would not *pull the rug* so to speak, when we are at a spiritual disadvantage. We often forget about His abounding mercy! ~Theresa

  2. LOL Theresa, a little too graphic, but we never know what it's in store for us. When I read the 15 promises that Mary made to those who devoutly recite her Rosary each day, one struck me especially, and that was that we would not die an "unprovided death." For awhile I thought about what that meant, and I decided it had to do with just what I mentioned above - that God, knowing we were making a sincere effort - would not take us at our worst. On the other hand, people who are not religious frequently ask me why "only the good die young" and my response is always that it makes sense that God would give those with a lot of ground to make up ample to time to turn things around.

    In the end, we don't know, so we should always be ready. We know this, but the question is how to get word to the others, who opt of their own free will not to be part of the chosen.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. "Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen"

    My mother's cousin, who's a priest, gave my adopted son a framed stitched needle-point thing with those words. The minute I see that I think of my Matthew. It's special to me.

    Yeah, I've thought about how unfair it might be that one person might die the minute after confession, and a good person might die moments after a mortal sin. I hope God ultimately evaluates the whole person's life.

  4. Hi Joyce, I agree with Theresa about God's Mercy..truly super-abundant for us. Jesus once told St. Teresa that no one ever loses Him without tearing themselves out of His arms.

    We are all poor sinners here, but I think if we are trying to love Him, even though we fall often, He will provide for us at that last moment.

    A holy priest once told me that God does not look at us moment to moment, but sees our whole life all at once, and never forgets our poor efforts to love Him and to do good.

    I bet He is still rejoicing over your giving away your icon of St. Michael to that poor man! : ) Jesus is so proud of you!

    I'm just so happy we don't have to earn our way to Heaven...that Jesus paid the price, and He's not about to let us get away, if we throw ourselves into His arms of Mercy.

    But like you, I do worry about those who seem clueless that they even have a soul... And, I wonder why I'm not among them anymore...did someone pray for me, for you?

    In praise of His Mercy,

  5. Manny, how is little Matthew doing? You should post some recent photos soon. May God bless him always.

    Patricia, I truly believe that it was my maternal grandmother who looked after me from Heaven, especially because of her devotion to St. Therese and the special role The Little Flower played in my conversion.

    There is a book about exorcisms called "Hostage to the Devil" by the late Malachi Martin. In one of the cases, the exorcist asks the demons how and why they chose the particular person, and they describe how they targeted him from birth but that someone appointed by Jesus kept running interference. The exorcist pressed the demons until they admitted that it was the boy's grandfather, who Jesus Himself charged with looking out for the boy. That is when I first had the realization that it was probably my grandmother who worked for my conversion. She was a very saintly woman who suffered a great deal in her life but never lost faith and I have no doubt Jesus took her home. Now we just have to pray for the clueless ones who surround us so they can see the light, too.

    God Bless you for your kindness to me and for your amazing love for Our Lord.

  6. Joyce, that's interesting about your grandmother. I don't doubt it.

    I've always wondered about my great-aunt, who died the June preceding my most unexpected conversion experience the following March. She was our family saint--full of joy and humor, but always serving others. I will have to write a post on her one day.

    Anyway, I have always had an inner sense that it was her prayers from Heaven which helped to rescue me. Can't wait to ask her one day : )
    I guess now it's our turn....

    Joyce, thanks for the kind words, but you are a treasure, more than you know....

    Love ya,

  7. Joyce - Matthew is doing great. Actually he's becoming the little terror. Terrible twos are for Actually I did post a recent Matthew blog with pictures. You might have been in Italy. I'll send you the link as soon as I can. The last few days my website has been down and I can't get on. I have no idea what is going on. Thank you kindly for those blessings. I take blessings very seriously.

  8. Patricia, love you too!

    Manny, yes, please send the link.


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