Sunday, October 30, 2011

TLM for Feast of Christ the King at St. Paul's Philadelphia

The Little Miss was given permission to start taking photographs at our Sunday TLM.  I was so concerned that she would create a disruption that I didn't even know where she was until Holy Communion, when I realized she'd been sitting in the front row, as she had been directed to do, all along.  And she wasn't a disruption at all.  The shutter on the camera she used, borrowed from her older sister, is silent, so unless you were sitting directly behind her you'd never know she was taking photos.  She did not take photographs during the consecration because she didn't feel it would be proper, but she was assured that Father would not object to photos of the elevation of the Host, so perhaps next time.  With practice she will get better and eventually, we hope to create a website dedicated to St. Paul's and the Traditional Latin Mass.   Many thanks to Mr. Tom Rudolph for his help and patience.

The altar before Mass

After the Asperges Me 
Father vesting at the sedilla

The chanting of the Epistle
The sermon

The offertory

The Dismissal
Recessional after the Last Gospel


  1. WOW your church has a communion rail. We only have one church in the county with a communion rail still in place. Sadly all others were ripped out. I am patiently waiting for the day they will be reinstalled.

    When you get a minute, stop by and check out Simoni in her costume.

    Have a blessed week :)

  2. Much better photos than mine Joyce, The Little Miss is to be congratulated.
    Could you please tell me who the deacon or sub deacon in black was (his designation).
    I have not seen anyone like that before on the sanctuary.
    God bless.

  3. Praise God for the beauty of the Mass, the rich heritage of our faith.

    Please congratulate your daughter on her lovely photos! Liturgical eye candy.

  4. Hi Richard, I will pass your kind words on to Rebecca. To be fair, she had her sister's Nikon and you made do with a cell phone. To be honest, we were also curious about what the MC is wearing. This was a Missa Cantata (despite the fact that one of the servers inadvertently lit the tall candles) and the gentleman in the black robe is new at MC'ing.

    Yes Allison, liturgical eye candy is right!

    God bless you both


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