Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help From An Unlikely Source

So I'm in the chapel at work,  all alone,  praying the Rosary and Chaplet I didn't have time to get to in the morning.   My mind drifts to some perceived slight or injury at the hands of someone else, and instead of devoutly praying the Gospel mysteries, I have an imaginary conversation with the offending person.  And then, clear as the light of day, I hear a cough, the kind someone might utter if they were trying to get your attention.  It sounds like it's coming from the large crucifix behind the altar, but the sacristy and altar are dark and I'm all alone.

So I go back to praying and the next thing you know, my mind drifts again, and clear as a bell, I hear it again - an almost "ahem" kind of cough.  It sounds like it's coming from the crucifix again. Now I'm starting to think I'm hallucinating, but at the time same, the noise is a good reminder that I need to get my mind and heart back to the Rosary.

Just as I settle back in the pew, a maintenance man comes out of the darkened sacristy, with a tool-box in his hand.  I have no idea what he was fixing, but he surely served the Lord's purpose as he got my attention back where it should have been.

Too funny.


  1. What a blessing for you! I was just sharing a story with someone about how often I need to nudge my children during Mass to keep their attention on the altar and mentioned that I wish I had someone to nudge me when I'm distracted. Where's a good maintenance man when you need one?


  2. The good Lord always has His little way of getting us doesn't He!?!

    Thank you!

  3. Anne, I need all the help I can get with distractions. It's a joy to have a chapel with Blessed Sacrament in my workplace and I need to make more of it. It is usually a very quiet place to pray, except immediately after Mass.

    Daily Grace, yes He does!

  4. Distractions....It's always 3 steps forward and two steps back for me.. +

  5. :-)
    Amazing how He uses ordinary things like a maintenance man to grab our attention.
    Distractions are common to us all..
    What a great blessing to have a chapel where you work!

  6. Ahem ... was the maintenance man Catholic?

    God bless.

  7. Victor, must have been, he genuflected!


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