Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Much For "Til Death Do Us Part"


Take a look for yourself.

I am reminded of a story I saw on Sandra Day O'Connor, whose late husband  John was diagnosed with Alzehiemer's.  In his state of dementia, in which he no longer recognized his own wife, he struck up a romance at his skilled care facility with another woman.  Although she did not appear in the story that ran, former justice O'Connor was reported to be pleased that her husband was comfortable and happy.

 That's love, not dumping your wife because she's no longer of service or entertaining to you.


  1. Pat Robertson is a complete jerk. Perhaps it's he that has acquired Alzehiemer's. Perhaps his wife should leave him.

    I never heard about that Sandra Day O'Connor story. Not sure I would be happy if my wife found another romance even if she had Alzehiemer's. Perhaps O'Connor's husband was faking the whole thing and this was his ploy for an affair. ;)

  2. Simply appalling! One of my sweetest memories is of the tenderness and care which my dad, whose dementia was less advanced than my mother's, lavished on her. It was a touching sight which moved even their caregivers...

    So grateful to God for the recovery of your friend, Gary! May he enjoy good health for many years to come! Thanks be to God!


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