Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mary The Dawn

I love this arrangement by the late Richard Proulx.  May he rest in peace.  I'm not fond of the visual images that accompany this motet, so if you are of a like mind, just close your eyes and listen.  I don't know what's up.  It seems like every time I want to do something special to honor Mary, my plans are thwarted by a headache.  Today was one of the worst ever.  I could not wait to come home and lie down in a dark room.  It was 8PM before I knew it.

Because she is a mother, I know that Mary understands my imperfection and that in spite of it, I wish to do whatever I can to please her and console her Immaculate Heart. I also know I am an abysmal failure in this regard as time after time,  I squander every opportunity to suffer in silence and make a heroic effort to ignore the bad behavior of some of those around me at work.  I squander every opportunity not to give in to weakness which is displeasing to her in an effort to rid myself of the pain.

The last time I had a headache like this was on the Feast of the Assumption.  I'm either being tested, or something really wants to drive a wedge between me and Our Lady.

Please, dear Mother, do not give up on your miserable daughter.

Mary the Dawn, Christ the Perfect Day;
Mary the Gate, Christ the Heav'nly Way!
Mary the Root, Christ the Mystic Vine;
Mary the Grape, Christ the Sacred Wine!
Mary the Wheat-sheaf, Christ the Living Bread;
Mary the Rose-Tree, Christ the Rose Blood-red!
Mary the Font, Christ the Cleansing Flood;
Mary the Chalice, Christ the Saving Blood!
Mary the Temple, Christ the Temple's Lord;
Mary the Shrine, Christ the God adored!
Mary the Beacon, Christ the Haven's Rest;
Mary the Mirror, Christ the Vision Blest!
Mary the Mother, Christ the Mother's Son.
Both ever blest while endless ages run.


  1. That was beautiful. I just went and found it at Amazon and bought the download. It's definitely worth having. You're right, the images were yucky. Hope you feel better Joyce. Perhaps your pain is a way to bring you closer to Mary, to unite with her pains.

  2. Joyce, maybe Mary wanted a birthday gift -- a little cross for you to bear (although major headaches are not so little...)

    I can relate, as this also happens to me often on Feastdays. I plan to go to Mass and do such and such, and I'm stuck home in pain with ice on my head. It has happened so often that i've come to expect it.

    Perhaps it's part of The Little Way...

    Hope you are feeling much better now : )

    God bless!


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