Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Hit and Hurry

My plane ticket and itinerary for Italy arrived today.  We'll be visiting Rome, Cascia, San Giovanni Rotundo, Tolentine, and Assisi.  I got my luggage this weekend, cheap, at Target.  Only, I hope it's not so cheap that the wheels fall off in the airport.  That would not be cool.

The travel agent told us our hotel in Rome is not air conditioned, nor should it need to be because of the typical temperatures this time of year.  Then she wrote today to tell us the temps on Friday were in the 90's with 80% humidity. I just knew the Good Lord would find a way to make this a penance for me!

The varmints arrive on Saturday.  Rebecca even has their names picked out (a condition of their adoption, for goodness sake!).  Even though they're both female, they'll be known as Macca and Linda (as in, Sir Paul and Linda McCartney).    The rat cave, er uh, cage, is quite a sight.  It has a hammock nicer than some humans have in their backyard, plus a little hut to hide in and a tunnel to play in.  I still maintain rodents are better than boys, but I've made it clear there is no way I'll be handling anything with such long tails.  The reaction of the dogs is going to be interesting.  They're quite accustomed to sleeping in Rebecca's room every night.  I don't think they'll take kindly to getting ousted for rats.

St. Therese definitely listens to my prayers, to anyone's prayers for that matter.  My problem child who is named after the Little Flower is desperately trying to behave.  People are wondering what's up.  I just tell them like it is - it pays to have friends in High Places.

Now I have to ask her to work on my pastor to encourage kneeling for Communion at the Novus Ordo. We have a beautiful altar rail that we use for the TLM.  Why let it go to waste the rest of the time?

I'm going to be like a dog with a bone about this issue.


  1. Oh, the rats will surprise you--and in a good way!
    They are much more intelligent and engaging than any of the other "pocket pets".
    And your daughter will need to bathe them from time to time, which is a real hoot. They try to shoot out of the water, so tell Rebecca to be careful...

  2. Thanks, Julie, I can just imagine having to go out and buy a rat bathtub now! Why not, they have their own hammock? These little buggers better appreciate all this. :)

  3. The Italy trip sounds fantastic. I'm curious to hear about the dog's reaction too. ;)

  4. LOL --Joyce! I am picturing their own addition to your house.

  5. Have you been to Italy before?

    SOunds wonderful!!!!

  6. No Allison, this is the first and most likely only time, so I want to make the most of it. My husband never ever ever wants to set foot on an airplane again (no reason except he hates sitting for so long) and it's a bad time of year to pull anyone out of school, so I'm having a bit of guilt, but I'll get over it!


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