Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episcopal Priest Considers Swimming the Tiber

The Reverend David Moyer, a defrocked Episcopal priest who is rector of the conservative Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, PA., is considering becoming a priest of the Roman Catholic Church.    Moyer, 60, was defrocked by  Bishop Charles E. Bennison in 2002 on the basis that he had broken communion with the diocese and the Episcopal Church.  Moyer fell out of favor with Bennison by publicly opposing the ordination of women, same-sex marriage  and gay clergy.  He was able to maintain control over the church with the support of his vestry and protracted legal wrangling, which has finally ended with a judge's decision that he must  step down as rector and vacate the exquisitely beautiful church on the Main Line.

Bennison has had his own run-ins with the diocese, which I won't regurgitate here, and which nearly saw him defrocked.

Moyer has asked to be permitted to live in the rectory until he and his wife can find housing.  He said he'd like to remain in the Philadelphia area, should he be accepted by the Catholic church as a priest.

Please keep Reverend Moyer in your prayers.  I have visited his lovely church and share the sadness he must feel at having to leave the flock he has lead.  I have followed his trials and tribulations throughout the years and always hoped he would come home to the one true Catholic and Apostolic faith.

May  God's Will be done!

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  1. Sad what is happening to the Anglican/Episcaple Churches. I pray that the Catholic church doesn't go this way. Don't think that it can't. Right now the Catholic Church in Austria is in a state of rebellion over the same issues. Read here if you haven't heard about it:

    I can't tell if that is journalistic exaggeration or a real church crises, but it sounds serious and there are Catholics all over who want some of those church reforms.

    Just for your info Joyce, though I may have given you the perception I'm a liberal on Catholic issues with my support of the mass in vernacular over latin, I'm no such thing. There are biblical reasons why the church cannot marry homosexuals and why women can't be priests. The Catholic Church cannot comprimise on that. As to married priests, I would prefer celibate, but if the Church wants to change that, then it's the clergy's call; it's their life that is impacted and married priests were the norm at one time.

    I certainly hope Rev Moyer chooses the Catholic Church. I'd certainly welcome him.


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