Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Part Two

Still waiting on TLM photos from Christmas Day.  In the meantime, here are some from my girls' adventures in NYC on the day after Christmas.  I was supposed to join  them, but I was still reeling from whatever illness hit me on Christmas Eve, so Caitlin was kind enough to take Rebecca for me and ensure that she had a good time.  They took the Chinatown bus to get there but were unable to take it home due to the chaos that ensued when more people than the bus could accommodate sought to board it, so they hopped on the train to Trenton and picked up the connection there to Center City.

First up are some photos of the magnificent Nativity outside the Church of St. Anthony of Padua.  I hope they leave it up til the Feast of the Presentation.

Notice St. Francis of Assisi in the background

You can an idea how expansive the scene is

The lowly shepherds come to pay homage to the Newborn King

The Magi en route, bearing gifts
Rebecca told me that when they got to St. Anthony's, it was 6 PM and the Angelus bell was ringing.  She recorded the sound on her cell phone and it was magnificent.  Next is another Nativity, this time from the Church of the Most Precious Blood.

Another beautiful Creche by more Franciscan Fathers.

Seems like the friars here really get into the Christmas spirit

Here is a gratuitous photo of my girls.  One is a pious little girl and the other is a heathen but she has a good
heart which we will pray will ignite with love for God through the practice of the faith handed to her.

My girls on the Chinatown bus


  1. I like the one of your beautiful daughters the best :)

  2. Nice pictures, but that first Nativity is awesome! Thanks. And you have lovely daughters.

  3. Thanks Kelly, thanks Manny. Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful girls! I wanted a daughter so much to do all the girl stuff with. Instead, both my sister and I had boys...after coming from an all girl family. God is full of surprises. : ) Now I'm waiting on a daughter-in-law....

    My son is a heathen too; I keep placing him in Mary's Heart. It's so hard. Maybe living back home will have a positive effect on your oldest.. We can hope : )

    Bless you Joyce,

  5. Thank you Patricia, it's so interesting to me how different each child is. The girls get along very well, and always have. Caitlin was always a wonderful big sister to both her brother and her sister and she is a blessing in so many other ways. I just wish she'd "get it" but I know I didn't "get it" either until later in life, so what right do I have to be impatient?

    Got your other message, not to worry - I have your back :)
    Love and prayers


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