Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Reverend Fathers: Please Say Something to the Mass Tinkerers

Tinkering is a past-time for children and men with time on their hands and should never be attempted by misguided women at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Who are the Mass Tinkerers, you ask?

They are those people, usually grey-haired women, who INSIST upon not only referring to God the FATHER in gender-neutral language but in absolutely drowning out everyone around them who try to say the words prescribed by the GIRM.

I have asked this question before:  What do those of you committed to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass do on weekdays?  Do you feel it's better to attend no Mass at all rather than one where people take liberties?

Our Lord is the same no matter what.  If the priest offering the Holy Sacrifice sticks to the book,  the Mass is valid, period.  But what do you do with people who make up their own words? 

I don't think the responses of the faithful during Mass are an appropriate place to pick a fight, but some days...

I can't believe for one minute that our orthodox priests are immune to hearing this abuse take place, so for the love of all that's good, please speak up!  The New Translation provides an excellent opportunity to address this nonsense by reminding people that we're not at liberty to make up what's not there.  Now that nearly every parish and chapel has prayer cards, it's the perfect time to remind those who wish to invent their own liturgy to stick to what's there or zip it!


  1. Joyce, I completely understand your frustration. But I am praying that you will let nothing come between your union with Jesus in Holy Communion, for surely His Heart would break then. He understands how you feel, and is longing to help you find peace with these annoyances. As Peter said, "Lord, to whom else shall we go....?"

  2. Since I started attending the Extraordinary Form, I have almost stopped going to Mass during the week. Not because I believe the Ordinary Form is invalid but because my eyes have been opened to the vast variety of abuses that occur, such as sitting during the consecration (I have always avoided this), and standing around the altar and passing the chalice from one person to the next. I never really felt comfortable with these practices in the past but went along with them, naively thinking that if the priest sanctioned it, it must be ok. But I have stopped thinking like that because I realise that there are too many priests and lay people who are happy to do as they please, whether it pleases God or not. Better to go to Mass once a week and know that I am not contributing to the perpetuation of liturgical abuse than to go every day and commit sacrilege.

  3. Thank you Lydia, I appreciate your response and you have given me more food for thought. God Bless you. Joyce


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