Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Useful Pet Tricks Part I

So, Sunday morning as I'm getting ready for Mass, putting on make-up to be exact, Rebecca comes charging into the bathroom at the kind of speed that tells me throwing up is imminent.  Only, it's not Rebecca that has to put her face in the porcelain, it's the daschhund she's got in tow.  I watch in amazement as she lifts the lid and the seat and sets him on the floor. The  four-legged bugger stands up, puts his paws on the rim and heaves into the bowl.  Not a drop on the floor.

Occasionally, our little monster sleeps too late and wakes up nauseous because he's gone so long without eating.  Since he is very faithful to his Rebecca and is usually in her room when this happens,  she is the one apt to have to deal with the aftermath.  So, she got wise one day and figured out that if she hung him over the toilet when the dry heaves started, there'd be nothing to clean up.

Clever girl.  And WTMI, I know!


  1. That's really something! Great job, Rebecca!

  2. Aw! Even though it's a throw up story , it';s kind of sweet. And I love daschshunds! ♥

  3. Yes, it is really a sight to behold. I never thought I'd find vomit funny or sweet either!


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