Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meditation for First Saturday: Love of the Mother and Son for Us

This meditation is not my own.  It was the sermon given at Mass today on the Gospel of St. John, where Jesus performs His first public miracle at Cana.  It is retold in my words because as I said, the synapses are not all firing today and even if they were, I couldn't possibly remember it verbatim.

So how did the mother know what the Son could do?  How did she know He could come to the rescue of the embarrassed hosts of the feast?  Perhaps a better question would be to ask:  If Mary knew, why did she never ask Jesus to turn the water on her own table to wine, to double the loaves of bread in her oven, to increase the coins in her purse?  If you knew that your child had miraculous abilities, wouldn't you be tempted to ask him or her to do you some great favor, such as double the money you had in your bank account? This thought never crossed Mary's mind.  Why?  Because the great lesson of this Gospel isn't just that Our Lord was the Son of God, and that we should listen to Him.  What we see here for ourselves is a Mother who loves us so much, she never asks anything for herself but always, for us.  She asked for the humiliated hosts.  She asks for us when we come to her in our sinful and sorrowful states.  She asks for us when we are without all other hope.  She asks on our behalf no matter how far we have fallen into sin, despair and faithlessness.  This is perhaps the greatest message of this Gospel.

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  1. Touchingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing..and your brain seemed to be in optimal working order on this one : )

    What a Mother we are so graced to have!



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