Friday, January 27, 2012

Et cum spiritu tuo!

Photo via Catholic Lifeguard
I have discovered a very good cure for my poor habit of  letting my mind wander sometimes during Mass. If I am not paying 100% absolute strict attention, I have a tendency to lapse into the old response.  The embarrassment of doing this is one way to snap my attention back where it belongs.   It's also a disgrace that I am sometimes so "automatic" in my responses that I'm not pausing to think of what I'm saying and whether or not what I'm saying is correct.

I have also found that when I'm sitting next to a Mass Tinkerer, it helps to read the responses directly from the new translation cards.

We don't have this problem at the TLM.


  1. Someone should tell the poor kid that you need to add an "and" before "with your spirit". Just sayin'.

  2. Well, if I knew how to edit it, I would have added it myself, but since I'm a techno-klutz, it is what it is.


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