Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If You Like to Check Your Traffic Sources, Be Careful

I got fooled into clicking onto a referring website today and the result was an explosion of pornographic images I could not click away fast enough. The devil will use any trick to launch an assault and this was a particularly vile one.  Normally, I will just ignore suspect sites, but this one seemed harmless enough.  Not so at all.  Fool me once...


  1. Years ago we found out the hard way that copying an image on line might link back to a bad site- you know the type where you search for something like "tree images" and then pick one to post. Well, now we check out the original source after finding out that clicking through it took people to a site with the "tree" plus porno photos! And it should have been something so innocent.

  2. I've had similar experiences, though never with pornography. Often I get a few hits from sites that are just advertising. An unusual marketing scheme, giving traffic to blogs so as to get the attention of the various authors.

  3. Thanks Kathy, it is for that reason that I always check to see what site I'm copying somethings - copyrights are another reason!

    Daniel, yes, that amazes me too.


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