Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Hope That Someday...

... When I ask someone to lower their voice in church, they don't berate me for doing so and insist "it's no big deal if Mass didn't start yet"

...I can remember that such insults are not even a drop in the water compared to the jeers Christ endured on the way to Calvary

...I will resist the urge to tell others about some perceived hurt or insult and just absorb it and offer it up

...I will not dwell on the negative but brush it off

...I will stop thinking about everything I did wrong in the past and simply thank God for bringing me to where I am today

...I will make a good Confession and forget about it, rather than think about how I could have done better

...I will remember not to waste a single ounce of suffering, no matter how seemingly small

...I will fear offending God more than I fear encountering the Father of Lies


  1. I join you in all those things :)

  2. I'm with you too Joyce. Many of your hopes are similar to my own.


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