Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rosaries for Rick!

Anthony at A Tiny Son of Mary has issued an appeal for people to offer at least one Rosary for Rick Santorum, a Catholic candidate for the Republican nomination who has come under fierce attack for his strong adherence to Catholic principles, especially those that protect life.

True confession time:  I was never too fond of Santorum when he was our senator, until I became aware of the ordeal he and his wife Karen endured to try to bring their son Gabriel into the world.  I don't agree with him on torture or immigration, and I wasn't too happy when I heard him say he'd like to raise the minimum age for Social Security, but I most certainly agree with him and admire his courage for his commitment to life and other moral issues.  The fact that he takes the wife and seven kids to a Latin Mass every Sunday doesn't hurt either (we're still not sure if it's a Novus Ordo or Mass in the Extraordinary Form, but it doesn't matter to me).

I have to say that some time ago, I would not have thought he had a prayer.  While it's still early, I am feeling rather more hopeful, that perhaps someone who is reasonable and articulate and unafraid can not only bring attention to these issues but also encourage the American public to face facts:  Abortion is murder and homosexuality is our Sodom and Gomorrah.  And that is the truth, whichever way people try to spin it.


  1. Sure thing- I always say the rosary or Divine Mercy on the drive into work so tomorrow is dedicated to this!

  2. No matter the outcome, he could certainly benefit from the prayers :) It's a tough process...:P I'm in!


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