Friday, January 13, 2012

If Only We Had This Kind of Sympathy for Babies

This heart-breaker of an ad has been running during the evening news.  It tugs at my heartstrings, which of course is its purpose.  The Shelter Pet Project wants you to think twice before buying or breeding and instead, adopt a homeless animal.  I think that's an admirable thing.   Still, it saddens me that we seem to think more of shelter animals than we do of human babies.  If the pro-life movement could come up with an ad like this, I wonder what impact it might have?


  1. Ah, it does tug on the heartstrings. There have been a few good commercials that have been pro-life. I can't think of them now. Such commercials do help somewhat, but some of those pro-abort people have hearts that don't move.

  2. We have messages like this that play here too, Joyce..I can't watch them they break my heart....
    I've always held the hope that someone who's capable of recognizing the innocence and beauty of God's creation in the animal kingdom at least has the gift of mercy. I don't understand how they can't find the same for human life..A spiritual blindness I think, plus years of messages to the contrary.

    Blessings +

  3. Manny, remember all the hooplah a few years ago about the Tebow pro-life ad that ran during the SuperBowl? It was much ado about nothing, make the pro-aborts look like fools.

    Caroline, I know people who won't even kill an ant that wanders into their house, strict vegetarians, won't wear fur, leather, etc but vehemently support abortion "rights". I don't get it either. It's the height of hypocrisy to save an ant's life but willing to participate in an abortion.

    Love you

  4. A precious spot, which definitely tugs at the heartstrings. I always cry my way through those ASPCA ads with "In the arms of the angels.." playing in the background, and yes, I send money.

    I'm sure you couldn't even run a prolife ad. Years ago, there were some truly beautiful spots ending with "Life, it's a beautiful choice." People complained about THAT!

    Today, the "planet" is worshiped, and all that is on it is sacred..except people. I really understand the atheists and agnostics better than I can comprehend the pagans. God help us!

  5. Patricia, I definitely believe that we are compelled to care for all living things, but none so much as our own. My dogs drive me crazy but they're creatures of God who, very much like our Lord, love me unconditionally. There is nothing wrong with loving and caring for animals, but to do so while advocating the opposite for innocent human life is just baffling to me.
    How's the weather in the South today?

  6. Yes, I do remember Joyce. It did. If we can't move the committed pro-aborts, we can certainly move the undecided. I donate to Right-to-Life. I hope they put together more commercials. I agree. It will help in the long run.

  7. Well Joyce, it got down to 27 degrees two nights in a row! That's after it was 77 (daytime) a few days ago. Overall, it's been a really warm winter...glad I went to NC and at least got to wear the new sweater my sister gave me.

    It's raining tears here though, since our beloved Saints lost to the 49ers after a stunning comeback. Love you, Drew...guess we'll have to wait till next year. Boo hoo.... : )



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