Sunday, January 8, 2012

Five Things I'd Do To Clean Up The Political Process in America

This is what would happen if I ruled the world, or at least the United States of America.

1. Term Limits
An idea whose time has come. I've heard arguments against term limits for fear that it will increase the control lobbyists have over the Congress but we'll never know if we don't try.  It's high time the career politicians that think they have squatting rights in Washington discover what it's like to try to live in the real world.

2.  BYOB
Bring Your Own Benefits!
I find it nothing short of hypocritical that those who are most vocal about  government-funded health care are themselves feeding at the trough.  Time to put your money where your mouth is.  Get off the teat and live according to the same standards as the people you represent.

3.  No Government Pension for Congress
It is a privilege to serve, not a right.  And anyone who tries to tell me that being a member of Congress is a real job would have better luck trying to sell me that bridge to nowhere.  Come do my job for a day and then we'll talk.

4.  Make Prior Military Service a Condition of Running for Office
And then let's see how many more Iraq wars we have.

5.  No Political Endorsements While In Office
Members of the military are not permitted to make official endorsements or appearances in uniform on behalf of any candidate.  The same should apply to Congress.  Your job is to represent the people of your district, not help your cronies get elected.

Sigh.  I can dream, can't I?


  1. Excellent.
    I fully endorse this platform.

  2. I really like your points #3 & 4. I never heard of your #4 before. I think that's a good idea.

  3. Thank you Julie!

    Manny, thanks, I like them all lol

  4. Point #4 intrigues me. I'm reminded of some novel that I once read, in which a nation existed where if some leader gave a death sentence, then he also had to do the execution, so that the death penalty would not be taken lightly.

    In theory, required military service would work in a similar way, but I'm not sure it would. Similar situations from history would seem to show that it could in fact give more war than less. Take Napoleon, who worked his way up from a soldier to being pretty much a military dictator, and he waged plenty of war. Or, look at Prussia, which was practically run by a military hierarchy. This ended up being a very war-hungry nation, leading to fun things such as WWI. I'm not sure if point 4 wouldn't have the opposite effect.

  5. Daniel, I look at it this way - if men and women actually had to give something to their country before they could run for office, they might not be so anxious to do it and in turn, send other people's kids to war.

    Of course if you are saying that we take a risk in letting only those with military experience run for office, you have a valid point - not every general is meant to be president.


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