Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hypochondria Strikes Again

Last night I was awakened by a noise, and when I realized what the sound was, I found it even more difficult than usual to go back to sleep.  What woke me up was the sound of my right hand,  shaking so badly that as it rustled against the sheet,  it made enough noise to cause me to awaken.  I have been having difficulty of late steadying my hand so I guess this little episode was truly a wake-up call telling me it's time to see a doctor.

Now, every nurse I know, myself included, is given to bouts of hypochondria, and truth be told, we really can't help it.  Same for many physicians.  We are so bombarded with information about every ailment known to man that it's inevitable - at some point, we will convince ourselves we have any number of diseases including cancer.  We Google our symptoms and then we let our imagination run wild.   Either the "symptoms" disappear, or we actually seek medical advice and are assured "it" is nothing serious.  Time goes by and the next ailment comes along.

When I did a search of Parkinson's, I discovered that coughing and choking are common symptoms of the disease.  Did I mention I have been given to bouts of choking and coughing for nearly a month now?  Meal-time has been a real joy for the family of late. So far, no need for the Heimlich.

I keep thinking of Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she convinces herself she has rabies.

Parkinson's disease is not something I find funny.  My mother-in-law had it and a friend also has it.  

What I do find funny is how easily I can let my imagination run away with itself.  Like another celluloid hypo.

(This post is in no way meant to make fun of those who are seriously ill, or to minimize the seriousness of these conditions.  It's meant to poke fun at ME)


  1. Joyce, the flip side of being in the medical profession is that you know what symptoms not to ignore! Praying for you, dear sister.
    We are not sure we will be able to make it to the Jesus retreat--my MIL was hospitalized and we're not sure if going out of town is feasible. Well, His will be done, and I will strive not to allow too much disappointment to rear its head. If we do go, it will be a very last minute decision...
    Again--I do hope you are following through with the doc, and soon! You're in my heart and prayers--

  2. Joyce,

    That Seinfeld episode is hysterical. I'm so glad you posted this; it helps me understand the medical side of my family a little better..Sometimes I wonder about them..bless their hearts.
    When my cousin was in medical school I thought I would lose my mind ..he'd call every weekend telling me what new disease he had..
    I like my mom's diagnostic answer to most physical ailments:
    It's either hormones or stress
    I'll be praying for you..
    Blessings and +

  3. Kelly, how disappointing! I hope you are able to make it.

    Caroline, I was looking for the scene in that episode where Elaine can't swallow a glass of water. It was one of the better episodes.

    Either way, I'm not worried. I can assure you that the minute I make an appointment to see a doctor, the symptoms will disappear.

    Love to you both, Kelly and Caroline

  4. Oh well then, the sooner you make the appointment the better! :) Oh and we are not going. Mustn't be our year.

  5. My prayers will be for you Joyce. If my hand shook uncontrollably while in bed it would spook the dickens out of me. So I don't think hypochondria is really an issue. It's probably nothing, but this doesn't seem to be something to take lightly. I hope you see a doctor as soon as possible.

  6. Not to worry Manny, the surest way to make symptoms disappear is to make an appointment with a doctor. At least that's my theory :)
    Thanks for the good wishes and prayers


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