Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Father Corapi: What if Christ Answered His Accusers Like This?

Dear Father Corapi:

It's just a thought, but: Where would Christianity be if Christ chose to answer His accusers like this?  As one commenter notes, not a word about the Eucharist here, just "me, me, me". As they like to say on ESPN, c'mon man!

I don't need to speculate on your guilt or innocence to know this is not the way to defend the faith.  Father, you made more of an effort to fight what you thought was a medical malpractice case committed against you than these accusations.  Does the Church not deserve at least half that effort?

I say these things not to point the finger, but to encourage a man who, if he is wrongly accused, should get up off the mat and start swinging again.  These accusations pale as to be invisible compared to what the Master was charged with and suffered on the cross. No servant is greater than the master, as you often reminded us. What makes you think your reaction to the charges and the process of determining their veracity in any way resembles how Christ would respond?

Coincidentally, in honor of the anniversary of his ordination, Pope Benedict XVI has asked the faithful to make a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament and offer the intention for priests and for more vocations.  Father Corapi, you could sure use our prayers and penance right now. You can count on mine. The last thing the world needs is another former priest.

St. John Vianney, the patron saint of priests,  said that the priesthood "is the love of the Heart of Jesus Christ".
Are you so willing to discard this love, a love you were  privileged to receive at your ordination, an ordination bestowed on you by the hands of another venerable priest, Blessed John Paul II?  Of all the former drug addicts and sinners in the world, Our Lady chose you to receive the Love of her Son's Sacred Heart.  What on this earth could be so terrible that you would throw it away without so much as a backward glance?

I remember a lot of things you said.  Let me remind you of one, Father.  Without Good Friday, there is no Easter Sunday.  This is your Good Friday.  Don't you dare lay down that cross.  Pick it up and carry it and know that if He fell down 3 times, you could fall countless times, and He'll still be there to to take the weight off you.  You have only to ask. Jesus didn't refuse the help of the Cyrenian any more than He refused to take up that cross.  He's not asking you to do the same but He is asking you to try.

God Bless you Father and may the same Blessed Mother who plucked you out of the gutter slap some sense into you before you throw away the love her Divine Son saw fit to give you, a gift so very few receive, as you did when you became a priest forever, like Melchizedek.

Sincerely in Christ,

One of the lambs of the true Shepherd


  1. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we find him in Politics someday soon! I saw one of his dvd's and he was pretty political! I do agree with you though...I can't really see him giving up like he did! It will be interesting to see what happens!

  2. I agree...I can't believe that he, of all people...would give up like he is! I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow got into Politics or Fox News or something like that...I recently saw one of his dvd's and I was surprised how Political it was!
    Good post!

  3. I defended Fr. Corapi until this latest thing. Now I have lost faith in him. It'ss not for me to say if he's innocent or guilty, but he's sure not acting like an innocent person. And to give up the priesthood so quikly? How committed was he, one has to ask.

  4. My only question about it, (Not knowing all that is really going on) is--do we know by appearances that he is not fighting? Do we really know by appearances that what he is doing is NOT for the sake of all the other priests that went this route and the ones to have yet to be taken out of the active priesthood unjustly? I do think some are taking everything he says and does and are putting it through a certain filter, so no matter what he does, besides going back to SOLT and waiting for the canonical process (which he claims is not going to happen) is wrong.
    I honestly don't know. But I think that he feels he can do more now, as allowed by the Church, as a layman than a priest. I'm not sure that's sinful? But that's just my take.
    BTW and this is a big one, I still love you Joyce! A difference of opinion does not an enemy make. ♥♥♥

  5. Kelly, all I can say is that his behavior is perplexing and I think if he wanted to hit a sac fly for the benefit of his fellow priests, he picked a strange and not very Christ-like way to do it. I think of all institutions, the priesthood is not one that men should quit so easily. He may be under duress right now ( I know I'd be) and not able to think clearly, in which case it's all the sadder that he didn't take SOLT's offer to "go home." Time will tell.

    No way would a difference of opinion ever change my love for you Kelly! It's not the first time we've disagreed, it won't be the last :)



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