Thursday, June 23, 2011

God Help Me I Do Love It So

Cliff Lee, jogging out to the mound.  It's a constant source of amusement to watch the opposing batters throw their bats and slam their helmets to the ground when he strikes them out.

If there is one thing in this world I am overly attached to, it's sports.  Last night as I was driving to the Adoration Chapel it occurred to me that Cliff Lee was on the mound, and I felt a momentary lump in my throat. I would never give up one of my devotions in order to watch sports, but I do worry that I spend too much time indulging in America's Favorite Pastime.  When you have a dude like this on the mound every 5th game, it's hard to switch the set off and go to bed at a civilized hour.


  1. The Phils are on their way to the pennant. I think they'll match up against the Red Sox. If so, should be a great World Series.

  2. Baseball is God's favorite game! ;-)

  3. I sure hope so Manny

    honeybee, I agree!

  4. I wish the Yankees had signed him! ;-) God bless him, glad he's doing well and perhaps it'll be the Yankees he sees in October (or November if they keep lengthening the season!)...

  5. hi Lynne
    I have to say I'm glad the Yankees didn't get him, although it was a huge shock when we heard the news in December that he was coming back to the Phils. I never thought we'd see Cliff pitch for the Phils again. What a treat to have him and Roy Halladay. Yes, maybe it will be the Phils and the Yanks again :)


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