Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dressing With Respect

All in the parish are encouraged to dress respectfully for
Mass on the weekend.  Our church is air-conditioned and
there is no need for muscle shirts, tube tops, short shorts and
the like.  Some say we should be happy they are coming to
church, don’t worry about what they wear.  The answer lies
in Respect - Respect for one’s self  but most of all Respect
for the Lord in the Blessed  Sacrament.  To those who
continue to complain about the cold we advise you to carry
a sweater or a light jacket.

This look may be acceptable for Joe the Plumber,  but never in the Presence of  the Lord

I saw this announcement (sans cartoon!)  in the parish bulletin of the church where I often attend daily Mass and I wish more pastors would address this issue head-on.  Regardless of whether the church is air-conditioned or not,  one need not dress expensively to dress modestly.  That goes for men as well as women.   Think of the grace added to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by our brief discomfort, which is nothing compared to what Our Lord suffered for us on Calvary.

Men and women alike, please:  Just say no to crack!  No cleavage and no exposure of any part of the derriere.   Rebecca and I made the mistake of sitting a few rows behind Joe the Plumber a few weeks back.  Talk about distractions!

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  1. It is wonderful that this pastor is wiling to address this. Respect is what it is all about. And sometimes people need to be told, because it is not something we know about from our culture.


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