Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eighteen Seconds

Consider this a public service announcement containing a lesson learned by a family in a most painful way.  A little three-year-old child drowned on Monday in a pool at a private swim club.  She was in the shallow end with her parents and somehow, wandered off, following some older girls into the deeper end of the pool.  She was discovered floating and despite heroic efforts, nothing could be done to save her.

The child's distraught and grief-stricken mother was able to hear something that one of the doctors told her and the family hopes that what she learned can help other families avoid the same tragedy.  The doctor said that it takes just 18 seconds for a child her size to drown.

Never underestimate the danger of water for children and adults of any age, but particularly one that young.  As the child's uncle said in a public service announcement that he created for the family, you might think you have the time, but you don't.  The price for running to the bathroom or answering a cell phone call while at the pool or the beach is just to high to chance it.

May the child's family draw strength from the knowledge that their little angel is now in the eternal safekeeping of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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  1. Oh wow, is that scary. I must be careful with my little one. Thank you for sharing this Joyce. May that poor little girl be with God.


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