Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God Is Where It's At

I am so going to miss the priest who opened his homily this morning with this line.  June is a mighty month, for with it go many fine parish priests, to other parishes, so that others may come to know them.  Father used this line to qualify Christ's prayer to the Father to "glorify Thy Son".  To human ears, this may sound like an egotistical plea, until we stop to think that God does not have an ego.  That is an entirely human flaw.  Our ego gets in the way when we attempt to usurp God's authority or assume we are on the same level with Him.  The Holy Trinity is the Be All, End All of our existence, except It has no end.  So much to think about, yet   impossible for the mind to comprehend.  Well, I tell myself this all the time: I don't need to comprehend it.  I'm not God, so I will never comprehend any of it.  It's a waste of time to try.

There was a shameful time in my life when I feel like I tried to arm-wrestle God.  I questioned my very existence.  I resented the fact that I had no say in coming into the world, was told I had free will, but yet would go to Hell if I exercised that will to do what I wanted, rather than what God asked of me.  This is a classic example of our ego obstructing the path to holiness.  Once I accepted that I am subject to God, I dropped this existential way of thinking.  Once again, I assigned human failings to a Divine Person, Whose ways are not mine.  Rather, I should say, my ways are not His.  I must strive to make His ways mine.

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