Friday, June 17, 2011

I Will Boast Of My Own Weakness

St. Paul really reached out and grabbed me today.

Brothers and sisters:
Since many boast according to the flesh, I too will boast.
To my shame I say that we were too weak!
But what anyone dares to boast of
(I am speaking in foolishness)
I also dare.
Are they Hebrews? So am I.
Are they children of Israel? So am I.
Are they descendants of Abraham? So am I.
Are they ministers of Christ?
(I am talking like an insane person). + 
I am still more, with far greater labors,
far more imprisonments, far worse beatings,
and numerous brushes with death.
Five times at the hands of the Jews
I received forty lashes minus one.
Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned,
three times I was shipwrecked,
I passed a night and a day on the deep;
on frequent journeys, in dangers from rivers,
dangers from robbers, dangers from my own race,
dangers from Gentiles, dangers in the city,
dangers in the wilderness, dangers at sea,
dangers among false brothers;
in toil and hardship, through many sleepless nights,
through hunger and thirst, through frequent fastings,
through cold and exposure.
And apart from these things, there is the daily pressure upon me
of my anxiety for all the churches.
Who is weak, and I am not weak?
Who is led to sin, and I am not indignant?
If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.

+ (I know that feeling!)

St. Paul, 2 Corinthians

 I look at what St. Paul endured and I wonder how I think I have any right to complain.  It also occurred to me today that it is quite human to long for something better.  I used to think that the Apostles had some gall demanding to know when the Second Coming would occur.  I thought that by virtue of the fact that we are now 2,000 + years past the birth of Christ that we have more of a right to hope the end is sooner rather than later.  Now I know.  Every generation will look for Him.  And it also occurs to me that He longs for the time when we might be with Him in His Kingdom just as much as we do, but because He is divine, He knows what must take place first, for our own good.

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