Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Tell Father Z...

... but this morning, I was the quasi-altar server at Mass.  No, not really, but I knew that heading would grab some attention.  Actually, we did not have a server, so Father asked if anyone would be willing to ring the bells at the consecration from the comfort of their pew.  No one else raised their hand, so I did.  Having two kids who are/were servers is handy. My timing was perfect but more than that, I was so touched to be able to herald the Lord's arrival at the Holy Table by sounding the bells.  At first, I wondered how I would acknowledge His Presence as I normally do, but then I realized that by ringing the bells, I didn't need to do any more than I already did.

It always bothers me at low Mass when there is no server and obviously no organist, that there is no peal of bells to call our attention to the Real Presence.  Kudos to this priest who obviously feels the same!

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